Shortly about the beginnings came to life at the time of our departure for the first long­distance journey that became a nearly half year trip around the world. It’s already over four years since we officially chase the sun and share our voyages impressions on this website. It’s hard not to evolve in such a long time, both as travelers and bloggers. Gradually, we were observing growing interest in our posts, that’s why, beside pure descriptive entries, we’ve started to add detailed and practical information.

Inspirational activity

After returning from said expedition the we’ve started our first advertising cooperation, created articles for other websites and organizations. We’ve repeatedly talked publicly about our expeditions and conducted meetings with young people, promoting traveling on one’s own. Recently lots of changes appeared on the site, and a lot is still planned as we systematically work on improving this blog to make it more and more friendly and inviting place for readers.

Current offer

We are open to all forms of cooperation related to travel, education or culture. Anywhere in the world as well as remotely. We have significant experience in the concious exporation of our globe and describing anything worth it. We are flexible, empathetic, responsible and never had any complaints regarding cooperation with us.Furthermore our main proffesions (music journalist and programmer) can prove to be useful additon to our offer, or its foundation.It is worth noting that although we like to travel together, we are not inseparable. If a project would require only one of us we will be happy to send proper single representation.
We believe our website has potential for advertisers and can fit lots of ofers or recommendations of companies that have any relation to our activites. We are constantly working on its development making our position in internet world stronger every day.


It’s hard to provide accurate statistics at this moment, because systematic form of a blog started not so long ago and now the traffic is more likely to become stable. However, despite our irregular (until recently) blogging activity, we can boast an average number of 6000 visits to the blog a month, almost 2200 followers on Facebook, over 600 on Instagram and constantly growing number of our Snapchat followers. We are planning further expansion on social networks (Twitter, YouTube, Google, Pinterest) but for now our priority is the blog and its attractiveness.

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Below you will find logos of companies and institutions that have already trusted us. If interested, we can provide more specific references. Our greatest achievements writers so far is winning the main prize for the best travel relation of season 2014­2015, which was published in the edition of the book “Przez Świat – informacje turystyczne z całego świata. Tom XIX”.

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