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We are open to various forms of cooperation. We like challenges and the feel of fulfillment when we finish new projects. And with a lot of professional experience, we also know how to meet customer expectations so that they will be satisfied

About us

Ewa (musicologist, art historian) is an artistic soul conjuring articles filled with emotions, passion and attractive photographs. During the trip, she delights almost at everything and captures it in photographs, whereas her ever-present smile opens many doors to unusual places.

Romek (programmer, biotechnologist) has a programmatic and technological mind, which makes him a perfect reviewer of our articles. He always takes care of the technical side of the blog, and during travels he is usually the brains of the operation, its organizer and the driver.

Seemingly two different worlds but perfectly complementing.

Our blog adventure started in 2012 when we set out on a journey around the world. At that time it was kind of a travel journal written in spare time. However, in mid-2017, we shifted towards active blogging and started to create completely different content – extensive guides with tips for visitors, photo galleries aimed at encouraging to travel, and travel-related articles. An additional but important part of our blog is focused on culture. It contains descriptions of traditional events, festivals and performances in specific regions of the world. In the nearest future we plan to add a section with traditional dishes and drinks.

Suggested forms of cooperation

promoting cities, places or regions
promotion of cultural events
promotion of regions culture
compilation of promotional posts
articles on request
of services and products (on the blog)
traditional, inspirational,
educational (for children and adolescents)
for groups and corporations

What do we offer?

  • dependable and reliable contact with the customer
  • interesting and valuable content that also takes SEO knowledge into account
  • engaging readers with additional social media
  • keeping to deadlines and arrangements
  • perfectionism – as „the devil is in the details”

Our statistics (January 2019)

statystyki styczeń 2019
Statystyki - demografia

Social Media


Blog’s positions on the 1’st site of Google (selected queries from Google Search Console) | January 2019

  • [THAILAND] Tajlandia co zabrać1,0
  • [THAILAND] Tajlandia pierwszy raz1,0
  • [GEORGIA] Gruzja na własną rękę1,0
  • Marrakesz Maroko [MOROCCO]1,0
  • [SPAIN] Sagrada Familia w środku1,0
  • [PROBIOTIC] Probiotyk przed wyjazdem1,0
  • Internet Cabo Verde [CAPE VERDE]1,0
  • Wyspy blisko Bangkoku [THAILAND]1,3
  • [ACCESSORIES] Akcesoria przydatne w podróży1,8
  • [SPAIN] Barcelona zimą2,0
  • SRI LANKA wieloryby2,0
  • [GEORGIA] Tbilisi przewodnik2,3
  • [ARGENTINA] tango w Buenos Aires2,6
  • [SCOTLAND] Edynburg zimą3,1
  • CABO VERDE blog4,0
  • [MUSIC] Muzyka na drogę4,0
  • Trasa rowerowa wschodnią granicą [POLAND]4,8
  • Karnawał Cabo Verde [CAPE VERDE]5,2

There is around 460 similar queries positioning blog on Google’s first page.

Special interests


connoisseur of good coffee
attentive photographer
musicologist, art historian and folklore lover
enthusiast of bicycle trips with panniers


connoisseur of craft beer
creative filmmaker
sports and martial arts enthusiast
avid motorcyclist


we love road trips
we gladly get to know wine qualities
we love castles and historical architecture
we like to get to know local legends and curiosities
we are drawn to a wonderful nature, especially the seaside
ecological and responsible travel is our strong suit

Some of our acheivments

OSOOT 2015 - nagroda dla gonimyslonce.pl
Main Literary Prize for the best travel document in the 19th edition of „Przez Świat” book, awarded by Jury composed of: Andrzej Urbanik, Maciej Brożyna and Andrzej Godek. This unique series of books is published under the auspices of publishing house of the University of Rzeszow.
Wystawa zdjęć na Jarmarku Jarosławskim
Exhibition of travel photographs during the Jarosław Fair. Selected takes from the show in chinese Yunnan accompanied the exhibition of travel books.


Gonimyslonce.pl w tvn BiS
TV Interview on TVN 24 BiS regarding our round the world travel as a way to escape winter. Interview recording available on the program page.
gonimyslonce.pl wywiad dla RadioRodzina
An interview for the Wroclaw Radio Family on Easter Island. The talk was about the coming Easter and possible connections of the Island with these holidays. You can listen to the interview here.
Gonimyslonce.pl w Mielcu - plakat
Gonimyslonce.pl w Mielcu - Bir
Interview and photo relations from a travel meeting in our hometown – Mielec. An event organized by the Local Culture Center in Mielec was titled: „Chasing the Sun… from Mielec to the Easter Island”


Companies, institutions and organizations that have trusted us

Koło naukowe Geoturystyka AGH jarmark jaroslawski     preply3bros Hostel Bikester dadelo infoloty

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